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BREWT™eas include our specifically sourced, custom-formulated and packaged teas in both orthodox and CTC cuts from specific growers around the world. Our teas are tested and sealed in our in our custom-manufactured 500 gram or 1 kilo BREWT™ea zipper-sealed mulit-layered coextruded bags.

These bags prevent flavour loss as well as protect the tea from moisture or vapour contamination. Full-leaf orthodox picked BREW™Teas is ideally suited for use in the BREWT™ infuser or the BREWT™2Go travel mug, whereas the CTC grade, which stand for Crush, Tear, Curl; is a finer rolled mechanically processed product typically used in tea espresso machines and BREWT™. The finer cut assures higher efficiency and better infusion rates but does not jeopardize the quality that we pride ourselves in sourcing from specific gardens and reputable suppliers.