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Zealong™ is New Zealand's only tea grower and this tea is the purest tea in the world. Grown in a perfect environment within the pristine Waikata Region of northern New Zealand, produced under strict international food-safety standards and their tea is free of chemical sprays, fertilizers and other additives, depending more on the rain, soil conditions and perfect sunshine which is so characteristic of this particular region of the world. The founder of Zealong™, Mr. Vincent Chen, and his team of specialists are producing a range of oolong that rivals the best traditionally grown tea in the high mountains of Taiwan. Presently there are 50 hectares of plantation in operation and well over one million tea plants in bloom. Zealong™ has been producing oolong tea since 1996.

Every Zealong™ bag is sealed for the consumer and they presently do not sell tea in bulk so therefore eliminating all possibility of contamination. Zealong™ is devoted to being the best and is committed to producing the purest tea in the world.

For more information please visit Zealong.com