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BREWT™ Corporation is a wholesale supplier that began as an answer to the needs of many tea retailers, restaurants and cafes, as growth needs innovation, consistency, and quality in unique products. Many smaller specialty operations have difficulty finding unique products and don't retain enough time to secure sourcing of individual products. From this, we developed our goal to create a relationship where one did not exist before.

Our mandate is to fill in those blanks in the supply chain that support private entrepreneurs with global accessories and proprietary blends of teas and performance equipment needed to support unique client operations. The BREWT™ is a classic case of our development that has led to impacting the use of loose tea in the market, to our customers.

BREWT™ Corporation is now engaged in developing more blended base tea products to be used in the equipment such as the BREWT™, BREWTESSO™, and BREWT™2Go travel mug. We will continue to search, find, develop, and deliver products that will make a difference in the markets that we serve, not just in our home market, but in other regions around the world where we can be part of that difference. We look forward to continued challenges in this growing market and count on working with unique businesses to change the market for tea.